The Connection Between Religion And Spiritualism

We live in a modern world and one quality of modernity is that there we have less emphasis on spiritual things. This is true about life in many modern societies but there are still influences of spiritual life in many societies. In fact, some people still consult spiritual mediums and they accept the messages from these mediums as the truth. Now, there is no point in passing judgement on the spiritual or religious beliefs of other people. The important thing here is to look at some of the most popular religions and analyse the connection between spiritualism and religion. 

Extra information about spiritual mediums

Spiritualism and Traditional African Religion

Many countries in Africa have large Christian populations but some people in this continent still mix Christianity with traditional African religion. Among the Igbo people of south eastern Nigeria, traditional worshippers believe in certain rituals that ward off misfortune, promote good luck and protect the adherent of that religion. In this area, people consult traditional priests and witch doctors. These priests recite incantations, commune with the gods and relay messages from the gods to ordinary people. In addition, African witch doctors have powers to cast spells on people, heal the sick and even administer oaths in cases of land disputes. 

Eastern Religions

Spiritualism is strongly associated with oriental religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism and even the Bahai Faith. In these religions, adherents meditate, aim for a higher plane and generally obey and emulate authority figures in the faith. In addition, religions that advocate spiritualism promote peaceful co-existence and discourage their members from serving the army or going to war. Most eastern religions encourage their members to meditate, practice yoga, contemplate, study and downplay materialistic tendencies. 


Generally, Muslims are wary of mystics and do not want any deviation from orthodox or traditional Islam. However, Sufism emanated from Islam and this group actually advocate a spiritual version of Islam. Over the years, the Sufis have been persecuted by adherents of traditional Islam. 


For the most part Judaism is a conservative religion and the rules are clear on what each and every practicing Jew should do. However, Hassidic Judaism is one aspect of this religion that has a rather spiritual inclination. 


Most conservative Christians worship the Almighty from the perspective of faith and obedience. These folks try to avoid complicated spiritual matters and accept things they do not understand in good faith. However, unlike the Catholics, Anglicans, Methodists and Baptists, there are spiritual churches whose members tend to deviate from the purely orthodox path. In these churches, members routinely fall into a trance, see visions and receive messages from spirits.